Process Automation made right.

RPA projects typically deliver return on investment in as little as 3 months!

ROI for UI Automation

UI Automation has emerged as a high value lever for organizations seeking to transform to high performing digital organisations.

Lowering cost of operations up to 80%

Service excellence – efficiency increase and time savings

Scalable and flexible operations

Quality increase by reduction of human errors

Operational risk reduction


Growth enabler

Innovation driver

RPA automation checklist

To evaluate if a business process is suitable for automation, the following criteria should be met:

Rule based and burdensome process
Process supported by digital data, has digital triggers and inputs
Process is functioning and stable
Process has high execution volume
Process has low exceptions rate

Makeitright is serving the customers from different industries in RPA solution including:

Financial Services (Banking/Insurance)
HR and back office (Accounting / Invoicing)

Just four steps to positive ROI

Case studies

Business challenge

  • Inability to support high demand of new services by business operations department.
  • Overtime – overloaded employees due to a rapid increase of new customers.
  • High operational cost – fast growing salaries.

Value delivered

  • 95% error reduction
  • 4x reduction of the time needed to complete a single task
  • 31% of freed up resources for other tasks
  • 90% reduction in overtime

Problem solved

  • Carrying out analysis in order to optimize end-to-end business processes.
  • Providing training for internal resources and establishing Robotic Center of Excellence.
  • Implementation of makeitright PowerFarm platform and robotization of selected processes:
    • Direct payments verification.
    • Valuations of investment funds.
    • NBP exchange rates regular updates.
    • Generating inquiries about transaction history within the Call Center’s customer service.

Business Challange

The Client needed to close thousands of bank accounts within a certain time (the regulator required it by the end of the year), the process has been carried out manually so far. The work was estimated at 550 person days. The change in the banking system that automated this operation was valued by an external provider at ~ USD 500,000.

Value delivered

  • Closing accounts within the time limit set by the regulator
  • Clearing whole backlog during 1 week with 4 robots
  • Robots detected controlling dep errors, the input list had accounts that should not be closed
  • The robots are currently making sure that no similar backlog occurs in the process
  • Savings over PLN 2,000,000 in 2 months

Problem solved

  • The makeitright PowerFarm platform and Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing were implemented
  • 4 robots configured for automatic closing of bank accounts (with and without bailiffs)
  • Over 17,000 operations to be performed in 3 systems in 2 months
  • Performance testing process was audited
  • Project duration 3 weeks, 1 automation engineer

Business Challange

The insurer was looking for a flexible tool for robotizing business processes (including the Parthenon system), possibly resistant to the rotation of qualified employees. Business suggested choosing from the solutions listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software.

Value delivered

  • Fast ROI – PLN 200,000 investment has already returned in 7 months
  • The robotization of one business process has covered 70% of investment
  • Automating activities previously carried out manually
  • The RPA project is largely based on Open Source automation technology (Selenium) which significantly mitigates the rotation effect among employees (high availability of open source specialists on the market, fast learning model)

Problem solved

  • The makeitright PowerFarm and Selenium platforms were implemented
  • Following robots were created:
    • Adding a location to the insurance policy
    • Delete insured phone numbers and emails
    • Writing down revenues and refunding contributions for selected insured persons (2 Robots, Robot No. 2 collectively accepts the work done by Robot No. 1)
    • Change the current location of the insurance agent
    • Validation and zeroing of agent commissions in the Parthenon system

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